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Promotional Videos By: Krazy Filmz Studios

Who Took My Doritos?

Geek Squad

Cleopatra Exibit

Shorewood Fitness


Johnnie Walker


JBL (Extended)

Century 21

Vote for Michael Minton for Judge

Assurance MD

Jaslin Martinez

African American Chiropractic Association

Al Cleveland TV

Victory City

Al Cleveland's Salt Summit

Minister Corey Wright Radio iHeart Radio


I-Fly Living Xtreme

Victoria Tan Team/Compass/Real Estate

Including You

5 Angels Flowers

Niko's Breakfast Club

Out & About w/Michael Minton

Just Another Reason "Vote for Michael Minton"

Corey Wright (Sew a Seed)

"Chicago" The Birth of House Music

A'rin Leon (Self Promo)

House of Prayer Christian Ministries

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